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Biz cards... what do you put?

what all do you put in your biz card? i'm playing w/ publisher right now and have a format I like but I need to finish up everything else.


Re: Biz cards... what do you put?

Dont forget about the BACK!

Never leave the back of your business card blank.

Main Ingredients of Business Card:

  • Who you are (name, logo)

  • What you do (main services or complete list)

  • How to contact you (phone, email, website)

Other info :

  • BENEFITS of using your service

  • Your USP

  • Picture (your photo or a before/after or product picture if you were focusing
    on selling a product (spotter or other))

  • An Offer (whether a $ or % off or even a pre-recorded message to call for
    info. Create a free newsletter, report or audio download and promote that
    on your business card)

  • Referral Program Info

  • Map / Directions to your office (for rug drop off - rug cleaning)

  • Appointment scheduling (date/time of next appointment)

  • White Space (blank) for writing notes, or just because some white space
    helps with the look of the card

If you service a multilingual area, set up each side for different language
.. English/French or English/Spanish or English/German, etc.






Mark Cermak

OCIBR - Marketing for Cleaners

Re: Biz cards... what do you put?

Get them done by a printer. I just had new cards printed by Wayne Miller. Go to:

Let me tell you WOW. Sure they cost more money, I spent about 150 for them, but they are full color and look good. I use to have the old white stock black lettering and they were an eye sore to look at.

Get the best biz card money can buy. Your first impression is your best impression and last.

With publisher you are going to print your cards on stock from staples and have fuzzy edges and an all around cheap looking card. Spend a little, I know its not easy but you need to look good.

You might want to buy Waynes pdq cd vol 1 & 2. Best money I ever spent I print my own flyers, postcards and tri fold brochures.

Good luck

Re: Biz cards... what do you put?

I think I got about 250 printed biz cards in color from and they look great. Full color glossy and all that... It was only about $30 or so including shipping for that many. This is if you upload your own image, maybe Joe's talking about having them help with design, etc.

I agree with Joe, professional printing is a night and day difference vs. printing on biz card stock you get at the staples/office depot type stores.

So Joe, how much did that PDQ product help? I've read a bit about it, and have just been held back by the steep price.... Worth every penny though, you say??

Thanks, -grant

Re: Biz cards... what do you put?

I did have PDQ do the who biz card. From start to finish, just gave Wayne all the info and e emaild me some samples.

As for the PDQ, I feel that they are worth the money, I have used vol 2 more then vol 1.

They are a little costly but as with anything I guess you need to spend money to make it.

I printed out a nice flyer with PDQ and I am now sending it to local preschools in my area,