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Happy Holidays

Before I get too busy with all the holiday events I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have taken the time to respond to questions on this board. I have learned a TON this year, so many many thanks to Mark D, Jim E, Derek, and others who have been so kind as to help out from time to time.

I hope my two cents has occasionally helped a few of you as well.

If it works below should be a photo of my family, and my daughter born over the Summer.

Thanks much and best wishes to you all!

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Re: Happy Holidays

merry Christmas :)...

also tons of thanks to you guys... i'm so looking forward to getting started, so many things to learn still :)

grant... IMHO that pic looks much better blown up like that then it does on your webpage... can't say why but it does... and i hadn't noticed the lil girls company shirt :)... kewl man :)