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Please Help Me Complete This List

In getting my budget together for my initial launch, here is my list of what I need so far:

1. Challenger.
2. Pads. (Initial set comes with Challenger.)
3. Sprayer.
4. All-natural cleaning fluid.

What other equipment do I need to budget for?


Re: Please Help Me Complete This List

A good vac

Re: Please Help Me Complete This List

Go to an order there sample pack of stain remover, you only pay for shipping the samples are free. You might also want to get some extra pads,I recomend the ones that are double thick, and keep the single thick for back up,
Advertizement, you have to advertize some how, maybe just use fliers, or somthing like that.

If you think you will be busy right away then you might want to buy extra cleaner but what comes with the challanger package can go along way so if you think you will only be getting a few jobs here and there then you can wait to make some money.

Also on your other post about upholstry, I told you about a tool, well you can always wait till you make some money before you buy it also, In less you have extra money then you could get it right away, SOme do upolstry with the stair tool and are very happy with there results just go to the search box on this site and search it you will find alot of methods on upholstry, the tool I use is safe on velour

Re: Please Help Me Complete This List

On the "package" page of my website
there is a list of the items which come with your Challenger "Start Your Own Business" package. You actually get 2 packages. Along with the Challenger in the shipment from Texas comes 20 terrycloth pads; a gallon of Orbit-Natural concentrate (makes 32 gallons after being diluted at 4 oz. per gallon of water); a set of 3 gliders; and a training video or DVD. The package I send you from Massachusetts contains all of the other items. Instead of the spot cleaner mentioned on my site, I now instead have Steve at Vacaway send you a kit containing several sample-size Vacaway stain products. Their red stain remover is the best, and the easiest, I have ever used. You can use your stair tool on most upholstery. I use either it, or I do the job by hand.

Re: Please Help Me Complete This List

You can go to a sign company and get magnetic signs made for your car after you have a logo. If your paint job is still fairly nice looking and your logo colors match that paint job it might not look too bad. I used my PT Cruiser for 6 months. I lost 1 job b/c of it, but that's ok.

There is a company in Alaska that uses the PT cruiser as their cc'ing fleet vehicle and they use op. That kind of makes the point that if you embrace being different it can work.

On the other hand, if your rates are on the higher end, and you pull up to their home in a car that appears to be falling apart, it doesn't exactly send that high end message. You can make up a little bit by dressing nice and putting magnetic signs on your car.

I'm still using magnet signs on my van and nobody seems to care (or notice), and I got three (sides and back) for $110.

Re: Please Help Me Complete This List

I use magnetic signs on my Element. That way this vehicle can do double duty. I can use it as a company van all day, come home, peel off the signs, and go out at night to the opera (or wherever) in it, without my wife feeling as if she's riding around in a work truck.

Re: Please Help Me Complete This List

I push all my cleaning equiptment around in a shopping cart I stole from Wal Mart and as I go I can also collect the beer cans I find on the side of the road. This helps bring in extra cash to pay for my crack addiction.

Re: Please Help Me Complete This List

If it works for you , Joe, I'm all for it. I believe in a large corporate structure, this added enterprise of yours would be categorized as horizontal integration.

Re: Please Help Me Complete This List

Always with those big words.