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Do I Have To Be An Upholstery Cleaner Too?

To start off my business I'm thinking I'll just do carpets only with the Challenger, but will this hurt me? Will most people expect me to be an upholstery cleaner as well and go with someone else because he does both?


Re: Do I Have To Be An Upholstery Cleaner Too?

Learn how to do upholstery cleaning, read up on it do a search on the web, there are some good books out there.

Learn what you can do and learn what not to do. I dont do any velvet type.

Re: Do I Have To Be An Upholstery Cleaner Too?

Sorry to tell you Kleenman yes it will hurt you when I first started I lost a few jobs because I did not do upolstry, you can do upolstry with the stair tool, that comes with th echallanger package personally I did not fel as if I go the greatest results. So I searched the web for upolstry cleaning tools and found some called van schwit (somthing like that) but they were very expensive they cost more then the challlanger did, then I found Jim Englands web site, who sells a upolstry tool similar to van whatever, but a whole lot cheaper and it is safe on all upolstry if you are intrested in this Jim's site is