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Bloody Crime Scene

Helo All:

It has been some time since checking in with all of you. I'm pleased to report that after just a few months my buseness here in Des Moines has really taken off with over $900.00 in business this week alone. I still work my day job on top of this as well. The addition of the tile and grout cleaning service has been a great compliment to the carpet cleaning service. Hotels love it to return their tiled bathroom grout to it's original color.
I have been asked to estimate a residential carpet cleaning job at the scene of a foiled burglarly. Apparently this burgler picked the wrong home to break into as the home owner who was attacked with a knife by the burgler got tackled to the ground and severely bloodied during the struggle which followed. In any case I will be estimating the job and asked to remove the criminals dried blood from the home owners living room carpet. I don't know what solutions to use for this purpose. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

John Schwien

P.S. the burgler will be going to jail for a long time as soon as he is released from the hospital.

Re: Bloody Crime Scene

I don't know i'd mess with a bio cleanup like that personaly...

but i don' tknow how bloody it got so...

best of luck and congratz on getting up and rolling nicely... kind of prices are you doing?

Re: Bloody Crime Scene

Gloves, booties, Bio Suit, Rebreather or a good face mask and eye protection.

If you dont know what you are doing dont do it.

Bio H stuff is nothing to mess with. Get trained if you want to do it and you can make a lot of money doing it the correct way.

Just remember you are going to see lots of gross stuff, esp after some one blows their brains out. Years ago I worked in a hospital cleaning the OR and the ER, cleaning an OR is nothing like cleaning an ER. You will be cleaning something like an ER only after a few hours or days after the crime/killing/accident.

Good luck

Re: Bloody Crime Scene

gross is right...

at my last job we almost had a job where a 13y/o boy blew his brains out onto the wall... ended up they didn't have the insurance coverage to be able to have us do the work...

my 1st bio job was an older guy who was a little nuts... they found his body 3-4 weeks after he'd passed in his sleep, while somone else removed the body we had to come in and remove the "effected area" meaning... the matress, boxspring, bed rail and carpet/pad from the blood seaping down to...

nasty as that sounds it was far worse... the house hadn't had electricty for years... or water... he disposed of his fecies in the back corner of his bathroom, to get into the house you literaly had to walk over PILES of trash... his family where packrats and when he inherited the house he kept it up... and added... his entire bedroom was filled with tin cans, soda cans, bottles and such... LOTS of stuff

ended up the family also had us go though the house and remove everything that wasn't deemed valuable... of a moderate sized house we managed to fill up 5 of those HUGE solid waste hauler type trash bins.

er that being said yes good money to be made... if you can handel it... i personaly couldn't do it... weak of stomach... i literaly puked pulling the matress out of the house...

Re: Bloody Crime Scene

Thanks for the info. There is absolutely no way I would like to clean up after a suicide, death or murder. Too Creepy for me. This is a little different as the burgluarly happened several weeks ago and the home owner has cleaned up as best as he could on his own while still residing in the house. The blood stains have been gone over with a steam cleaner and countless vacumings so there will be no odor or hazard of disease - hopefully. Perhaps I should pass on this one but I know it is possible to clean it and am willing to give it my best shot. I use Wham encap and Outsolve exclusively right now but i'm sure there are other cleaners or spotters which I should become aware of. Your suggestions would be appreciated.


Re: Bloody Crime Scene

I have not done anything like this, but if he is ok with you just giving it your "best shot" w/o a guarantee, I'd hit it with Whamm at 16 oz/gal with some z bomb added at 2-3 oz/gal. Another product that could be tried is abstraction ur out at 8 oz/gal. Pre spray extra and give the stained areas 30 mins dwell time...

Jim E or Mark will likely have better suggestions...

Re: Bloody Crime Scene


Re: Bloody Crime Scene is the website for Argo & Co. One example they use in the marketing sheets is extensive blood removal from a white carpet. In most metro areas there are companies who promote themselves as crime scene cleanup specialists. One of these might be best for the job you are describing if the blood staining is extensive. Then again, if you are successful, you will gain confidence in your professional abilities.