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data base.. what do you keep track of?

looks like for starters i'll just be using quicken and excel for things...

quicken will be exclusivly for keeping track of finaces... used it forever, and I'll have a copy for my PDA

for the database of all my customers i'll be using excel (once again I can keep track w/ my PDA)

what all should i keep track of? things i can think of off the top of my head

areas cleaned w/ sq/ft
cleaning dates with total
extras (protectant, heavy pet stain removal) with price
method used (natural, encap, ect)
*note section for if there is anything special i need to rember for next time
payment method

guess i need to read some stuff on how to best use excel, never was real good at using all the extra things in excel... just imputing the info doh...

so any things i missed that you think i should imput?


Re: data base.. what do you keep track of?

That may be even a bit more than I keep track of. I keep careful track of mileage though, as it's deductible. Several of those items I might mention in my notes but don't specifically track them in my db.

Re: data base.. what do you keep track of?

On every job, prepare for the customer, as well as for your own records, an invoice that itemizes everything you have done on that visit. And date it, of course, also. Have a category for W/W (wall to wall) carpeting; another for area rugs; one for stairs; one for upholstery; others for whatever services you may offer: tile & grout cleaning; wood floor refinishing; spot or stain removal that required an unusual amount of your time. Try to determine how each customer found you, and note that on the invoice as well. The more closely you are able to track your source of customers, the more accurately you will be able to determine which marketing/advertising dollars have been effective, and which have not paid off. Also, for tax purposes, keep track of all expenses related to the operation of your business.