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Google maps... finding marketing locations

I've been playing w/ google maps for a long while now... but the other day thought about how you can typicaly tell what type of neighborhood it is simply by google maps satellite pics...

today i finaly got around to scanning the area... i knew where a number of the nicer areas where but somehow completly overlooked a number of areas... and there are a few others that def need to be driven by to look at

i initaly plan to do flyers at some of these neighborhoods... when i have more $$$ places like these will be postage areas... there are a few areas that i know are gated communities and I'll splurge for the postage but for now my time costs a lot less then postage lol

just food for thought... i know a lot of you don't live in areas that this would work that well in but for where I am it seems like a great way to start.