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Getting Bonded & Insured

What is the process for getting bonded & insured? What are the advantages? How much does it cost?


Re: Getting Bonded & Insured

insured i'm intrested in also...

as for bonding... from what i understand there is no reason to have it unless you have people working for you...

Re: Getting Bonded & Insured

for ins just talk with a contractor ins office, I dont advise going with Allstate or State farm. Go with a true contractors Ins co. As for bonding I was bonded for years when I had my janitorial service. It is only good if you have employees working for you. So a bond is really not worth the trouble or money.

Re: Getting Bonded & Insured

what are you guys paying for insurance?

Re: Getting Bonded & Insured

My insurance is somthing lke 411 dollars a year for $300,000 per accident for a total of $500,000, but it will probably be going up soon, because I did not say I made much money so I do not know what kinda effect it will have if I start to get a lot of jobs, but it was a good price for me to start out with.