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Tough question

I'm seriously considering starting my own carpet cleaning business, but I want to be fully informed so don't take this question the wrong way. It's not a negative question, it's just I want to be prepared for the pitfalls. Ready? Here it is:

What are the three WORST things about being a carpet cleaner?

Please be honest. Don't hold back.

Thank you. (And my apologies if this has been asked and answered before.)


Re: Tough question

good question.

for me i hate... running the 3 hoses (water hose to the water spout), the vacuum hose into the house... carfuly w/ out it rubbing any corners (because of it's shape it will sand the paint right off on floorboards, doors, and firniture) and then lastly run the high pressure water hose...

just so many trips back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

other thing i hate... is stairs... we use an upulstery tool which takes forever... add in the VERY hot water it turns into a sweaty hot nasty job.

of course... the OB method doesn't require that ;-)

can't wait to get started w/ my challenger... just need to sell my motorcycle now.

Re: Tough question

I sold my Challenger for a motorcycle. Well not really.

The hard part of carpet cleaning is getting the work when you start up the biz.

Re: Tough question

I agree getting started you cant just give up it is going to take time to build up clientel. THe next hardest thing for me is pricing, I do not want to charge to high because I do not want to lose a job but I also do not want to cheat my self, so figuring out the right price for your area is also hard,

Cleaning the carpets is pretty easy with the challenger system, you will have some stains at first that will be hard to get out but the more you do the more you learn.

Re: Tough question

Perhaps the most difficult part is understanding that there are many markets out there, and you need to decide which one you want to work with with. For example, in most metropolitan areas, there is one Mercedes-Benz (or Acura, or Lexus) dealer. and many used car dealers. Do you want to be the person selling Mercedes, or one of many used car dealers, all of whom are trying to succeed by being the cheapest? Do you want the customer who chooses to buy Ben & Jerry's ice cream, at close to $4.00 a pint, or the one who looks thru all the supermarket freezer cases for the cheapest gallon of low-flavor, low-butterfat ice cream? Do you want the customer who spends all his or her spare time doing chores and fix-ups around the house, or the one who is too busy at his own business or profession to perform such mundane tasks, and calls in a professional to get these things done? If you choose to be a HWE (steam) cleaner, then you in all likelihood are going to have to compete on price alone to get the cheap folks. If right from the start you differentiate yourself and your service from the "pack" by offering such benefits as minimal dry times and all natural cleaning products, them you will be further along the road to becoming a successful business person by exploiting the niches rather than by just doing what nearly everyone else in this business is already doing.

Re: Tough question

Worst things, hmmmmm.....

I suppose the occasional customer who stands there questioning me the whole time I'm cleaning about the process. Eventually these will dwindle as the biz evolves into being mostly repeat custies and referrals.

2) Getting started is difficult, but I'm approaching with the "failure isn't an option" work ethic. As the years go by I'm sure those of us who make it will look back on the beginning years as the "fun" times due to all the new challenges and immense amount of learning and working to ensure success.

3) Communicating in a short concise manner over the phone the value and quality of work is a huge challenge for me. Most of my inital callers are price shoppers who assume that all professional cleaners use steam. Communicating the difference in a positive way of OP is an ongoing challenge for me.