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I do not know if you cought my question to you, but I thought I recalled that you worked for a steam cleaner I was wondering how big of a buisness they were and how many employees and jobs did they get a day?

Re: donalson

ah must have missed that...
we're are "restoration specialists" we just happen to do HWE because we have to w/ our equipment... boss doesn't like it but we can't have a water damage every day lol...
(rember water damage you "rent" the eqipment out, a mid size water damage makes more in a day from eqipment rental then a good day of carpet cleaning will... and you don't have to spend anything on labor)

we only have one truckmount and most i've ever seen us do in a day was 3 maybe 4 carpet cleanings...

employees... 3 grunts (techs out in the feild IE me and 2 others) and about 5 in the office *rollseyes*

we are technicaly a fairly small franchise... midway up in level 2... but we've got 1400 franchises around the country.

thankfuly i've learned and been tought enough to relize how much money is in CCing... add to that i'm not fond of making only $9 and hr while being on call 24/7

Re: donalson

Thanks man just curious about the demand, if I could get three jobs a day that would be lovely.

Re: donalson

ya 2 or 3 is what i'll be shooting for when i start up my own gig... push the carpet protectant for another nice chunk of change. something we don't realy push because well... we aren't carpet cleaners... we're guys who happen to clean carpets algon w/ doing fire and water restoration... example today we're in somones garage because kid decided it'd be fun to blow up some fire works... cought the garage on fire, very smokey, we've got to clean all content and the structure bah...

it's like working for merry maids somedays :-/

i can't wait to get my own thing going... i've already got 2 residental jobs and 1 commercial job lined up and i don't even know when i'll have my machine (ranges between januaray... to next january depending on some factors haha)

(one is mo-in-law, other is my aunt-in-laws house and her Merle Norman Cosmetics store) aunt said if she's impressed she'll be happy to have some cards and before-after type pic setup in there... which is a perfect place to have it because it's one of those very expensive costmetic stores so obviously it's people with money that shop there ;-)

will give me a chance to try encaping on her shop (gota love CGD) and then the all natural at the houses.

i'm just hopeing i'll be able to get enough people to bite quickly enough that i don't have to work a 2nd job for TO long... I figure if i can get at least 3 700sq/ft houses a week it'll be a good start and making more then i currently am... (700sq/ft of carpet seems to be about the average that we clean at my current job... and i know if i market correctly it'll be larger houses then that) and I think w/ the marketing tools it won't be dificult to upsell the scotchgard which is 50% of the inital cleaning cost and about 2/3 of which is profit

ok enough rattling on

Re: donalson

Plan your work, then work your plan.

Re: donalson

donalson with those jobs you have lined up you might want to see if they would pay you in advance since they seem to be close to you so you can get your equiptment faster. Just a thought

Re: donalson

nice idea but won't work... these are freebies ... mo-in-law watches the kids a lot so it'll be a gift to her... and my aunt-in-law well... she knows a lot of the right kind of people... although i doubt she'll let me do it for free i'm going to push for it... she's got a lot of health issues so she realy likes the all natural aspect... I'm expecting doing a freebie to her will quickly pay off.

side note... i quite my "real job" today... went back to slinging pizzas... will open up my schedule for when i start CCing... and sadly i won't be losing out on any $$$... in the mean time i'm selling off all kinds of stuff (xbox, ps2, paintball, my motorcycle ect) to afford the system...

also... looked into my biz licence finaly... going to cost me a massive $13.75 haha...

Re: donalson

when I first started my first jobs were also free, I imagine you will be making more money delivering pizzas then cleaning carpets and retoration for $9.00 an hour. Man I think you are going to do really good at this, you sound dedicated, you are already experianced and you and your family know people in the area, sounds good to me. I am very new to this area and Me and my family new no one it was really hard to get a job for me at first but after I got a couple the word of mouth spread, so I think once you get started you will not be delivering pizzas long. Good luck

Re: donalson

thanks man... only lived in the area for a few months now but having family that knows people is good... if nothing it'll help on getting started... and I'm thinking it's that inital start up thats difficult... getting my foot into peoples house the 1st time... from there i'm hopeing things take off nicely w/ the referal program.

Re: donalson

well neat... wife was talking w/ my 3 y/o's preschool teacher today telling her a bit of what was going on and mentioned me starting a CCing biz...

her response was good "well good i need my carpets cleaned soon"...

so thats 4 jobs lined up :)