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how big of a biz are you?

sorry if I'm annoying you guys now... but a few questions

how large of a biz are you? (people/income ect)
how long have you been going at it?
is this your only job?
what phone system are you using? (cell, home, mix?)


Re: how big of a biz are you?

Hey Donalson, how big of a company do you work for? how manyemployees and how many jobs a day does your company get?

Your question probably was not directed towards me but I am my only employee only been in buz for 5 months get about 2 or 3 jobs a week I am also a food server where I work 4 shifts in 2 days (2 double shifts, to keep my cc schedule available but still bring in guareenteed money. I use a VOIP (Voice over Internet phone) really cheap and offers alot, you can program it to ring your cell phone if your not home, I use packet 8 aka 8*8 only 20 a month every thing included plus for 5 dollars you can add virtual numbers for areas that you service but are long distance, compared to 1 800 which is also about 5 a month plus charge by the minutes, virtual numbers are unlimitted minuttes

Re: how big of a biz are you?

I am a 1-person-plus company. I treat the residential side of my business as a "boutique" service. The customer knows that I will be on the job, providing a personal level of service. ON commercial jobs, I have three people available to me who know my system, and whom I pay well on an hourly basis, so that they are happy to work for me when I call for help on large commercial jobs. With this simple, stripped-down, and easily managed business model, I consistently gross over $100K every year.

Re: how big of a biz are you?

thanks guys when i start up i'll prob be slinging pizzas (delivered pizza for about 5 years off and on so figure it'll be a good "in case" type of money

mark do you go into how your personal setup a bit more in detail in your package? your assistant workers, are they pretty much friends that where avalible to work for some extra cash or what?

thanks again :)

Re: how big of a biz are you?

I am a one man show, but my wife helps a bit with postcard design and such. I haven't yet gotten a job large enough where I would need a helper. I suppose if that were to happen I'd call Labor Ready and try to find someone.

I've been at it since March 2k6. Prior to that I was in insurance for 10+ years and hated every minute of it. I also work occasionally for the local Oreck store here in town. My hours have been dwindling as the months go by. I'm up to about 6 jobs a week now. All my add have my cell phone as the phone number. Right now I only get a few calls a day, so it hasn't interfered with my work. If it gets to the point where it rings a ton, I'd probably have to get some kind of answering svc.

At this point CC'ing is starting to make some profit, but isn't "paying the mortgage" yet, as it were. Next year I plan to take it to the next level, with a rate increase, repeat biz with this year's custies, a larger yp presence, and membership in a local business group.