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Mark can you email me about the carpet cleaning bus ? Thanks Kareem


What do you/anyone else have to say about this organization? Not to be a hard ass but their vision statement talks of training and education but I see none and outside of the spot removal guide I don't see what they offer. Help a newbie understand



I can help with that. Currently there are over 200 articles amassed in the Online Database. Everything from Securing Commercial accounts, leather care, OP, Marketing, business admin etc.

We police have individuals looking at Classes so we can recommend Schools and Instructor who are Low Moisture Friendly or at least nuetral.

In 2010 we will have at least 4 locations that LMCCA members can go to a class and have confidence that the methods they use will be taught fairly in the class.

East Coast PA,
Missouri and West Coast yet to be decided.

Hope that helps.

Lonnie McDonald MTC, MRSF, MWR, SCI,IICRC Instructor
Executive Director


Do you offer training courses on the west side of the U.S.

Or does any one knows any training courses about carpet cleaning using low-moisture method. I have seen training courses but they are based on steam carpet cleaning.


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