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Oiled Wood Floors

Has anyone ever finished wood floors with oil, as opposed to polyurethane? We are just moving into a new house. It's a saltbox colonial design, so we opted for wide pine floors instead of the more contemporary narrow oak boards. We've chosen to finish the wood with what is called tung oil. It's pressed from an Asian nut. The brand I selected is Waterlox ( which adds some resin to the oil for added strength & toughness. The advantage is that you don't have a scratchable plastic film on top of the wood, which will eventually become dull and - in some places - worn through. I've mixed the Waterlox product half & half with an oil-based Minwax stain. With 2 coats down and one to go, it looks great. I think I may plan to offer this service to my customers. I'll have someone
sand the floors, then do the tung oil application myself.