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VLM Fest in ATL

Hi everyone. Pat mentioned an interest in holding a VLM fest here in Atlanta. So I just started tossing some ideas around with him. We wanted to get a concensus of interest in a few possible activities. Let me know if this is something you would like to do. Of course the number of people interested will determine how organized this fest will be. Everything listed below are activities I'm certain we can have. Some will be free and some may have a small fee. I can also arrange hotel discounts for those traveling. We can make it as fancy as getting shuttles to and from the airport or more casually such as we'll pick you up in our SUV. Catered events and parties will depend on cost issues for those wanting to attend.

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Whatever equipment you want to bring. Rick you could bring a Sprint, hint, hint, wink, wink. We have available: TM, Cimex, Challenger OP, and Rotary

Fun Stuff:
Friday Night Mixer
Wine Tasting (with your message on a bottle)
Catered Casino Party (may have entrance fee)
Catered Texas Hold'em Tournament (may have entrance fee)
Catered Auction for Charity (may have entrance fee)
Bowling Night