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You can not go wrong with the Challenger! It is very easy to use and does the job for me.


I just got my new toy today. !/2 HP model.
I have a berber in my house. I live in a mountainous area and our only child left at home being a 75 lb Golden retriever. You might appreciate that carpet cleaning in my home is a somewhat regular thing. Although I just did my carpet with my Cimex and releasit ds just a few weeks ago I wanted to see what the challenger would do.
I haven't used a buffer in 20 yrs, never an OP so I figured I best practice before going public.

I had a lightly soiled area by the entranceway but rest of my carpet looked very nice.
I used excellent's PUNCH and followed the instructions for padding that comes with the machine.
Easy as could be. I changed gliders to get the feel and am very very happy with the results.

The machine does an excellent job. I do plan to get FP pads for encap but I have no doubt I'll also be using this for OP pads.
Both areas of my carpet came up very nice. I expected to see soiled pads from the entranceway but I flipped the pads for the cleanest areas and they still became quite soiled. If this example impressed me I know the effect it will have on customers.

I've been looking for a second story encap machine for six months and know I've made the right choice.

In case any others are comparing machines, I'm sure it is not as fast as a Cimex but is even a bit quieter and best of all, even an 'older' guy can get a 66 lb machine up those steps with no problem.

Can't wait to put this baby to a real test.

Thank you Mark and Challenger.


Thanks for sending in your comments, guys. I'll
want to include both of you in my Challenger TV commercial which will run during next year's
Superbowl. (Well, MAYBE it will.)