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Storing Challenger between jobs

Mark, Quick question. How should I store my challenger between jobs? Is it ok to just let it rest in the upright position with the weight resting on the velcro pad? Anything adverse about storing the machine this way? Thanks, Chuck

Re: Storing Challenger between jobs

Hi Chuck
Mine are stored lying down (lying back) in my service
vehicle when they are not in use. The only possible
downside to keeping them in the upright position is
that the velcro on the face of the pad driver might
accumulate some dirt, sand, garage oil, etc.

Re: Storing Challenger between jobs

Thanx Mark, I should have though of that

Re: Storing Challenger between jobs

Hi Chuck,
I store my machine in the upright position. But I do put a small cotton pad (stair machine) on the velcro first so it does not pick up anything from the floor.WORKS GREAT!
Steve Shimek

Re: Storing Challenger between jobs

any floor machiens i've had in my van, i've stored in the upright position.

however, cause of the Challenger lighter weight, would it be tipping over alot? or is it bottom heavy enough to stay in place? cause i'd rather store it like mentioned above. i'd also consider having a solution tank w/ a showerfeed put on it and i wouldnt always drain the tank so the machine would have to stay upright.

thanx --- Derek.