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Dealing with customer dissatisfaction -Traffic lanes

Hi everyone, I usually have no trouble with traffic lanes, but I've recently come across one that was so bad, that I, (and the customer) did not like the results. I used Releasit and was surprised that it did not work as it usually does. I even went back and redid the job but it still looked bad. (should have used Outsolve maybe?)

My question for all is: What door have you done about this problem? Do you refund the cash, or do you still charge for the job even though it did not turn out that good?


Re: Dealing with customer dissatisfaction -Traffic lanes

Hi Brian
There will always be a job here and there where you
don't attain the desired level of improvement. I'll
always point this out to the customer; hope he/she
agrees that it's probably been cleaned as well as it is possible to clean it; and then offer to let that
customer make any modification of the bill he/she sees
fit. This shifts the "fairness factor" to the
customer, who at least probably recognizes that you
made a serious effort to get your best results. In
addition to this offer to let the customer set the
final price, or - as an alternative approach - you
could offer the customer the option of having
another cleaner - of any type - come in and do a better job. If they have another cleaner come in, and
that cleaner DOES a better job (you should both look
at the results together) then you will agree to
refund what the customer paid you for your efforts.
If, on the other hand, there was no real improvement,
you are not obliged to make the refund, and the
customer will have paid twice. This approach shares
the risk evenly. Or, you could magnanimously offer to
use the honor system, letting the customer alone
(without your being present) make the decision as to
whether or not the second cleaner did a better job.
Unless you are dealing with a truly sleazy
individual, your customer is highly unlikely to try
and take advantage of the trust you have placed in

Re: Dealing with customer dissatisfaction -Traffic lanes

I think this needs to be handled before the cleaning. I always explain to the customer the problems with areas like this and what the least they can expect. I offer to to a test area first if they would like. If you do this up front it is their problem not yours. Always, always, always under sell and over deliver.

Re: Dealing with customer dissatisfaction -Traffic lanes

Another thing that I have found is that the light in the area can change how the carpet looks. Is the lighting poor in this area? Bring in a better light and see if it looks better. It is probably clean, but if it is very worn (traffic lane) it could be reflecting the light poorly in that area. I have had this happen to some commercial areas and it drives me nuts because I cannot change it.
Steve Shimek