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Mistral 2000

Any one using this software to track their invoices,customer info, financing etc? Their website is Free 30 day trial. I downloaded it this afternoon and it is already giving me fits. What is everyone else using?

Re: Mistral 2000

i bought a new copy of ACT off of eBay...seems simple enough. tho i'm not too techy so i don't really understand how to use this type of software to my benefit.

thanx --- Derek.

Re: Mistral 2000

Hi Chuck, I use an older version of Peachtree Accounting (for win95 and win 3.1) for my biz. I bought it on Ebay for $4.00. I can track my customers, but it's not the best software for marketing imho. It does check writing, invoicing, payroll, inventory. It also has the balance sheet, income, and inventory reports that are very usefull. It suits my biz just fine.


Re: Mistral 2000

Hey Brian and Derek, Thank for the info. Maybe ebay is the way to go. thanks again, Chuck