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Printer Material on the challenger

Where can I get printer material such as brochures/pamphets on the Challenger, the system, the chemical, how it operate and if there is a supplier in South Carolina.

This forum helps,but I also like some printed material

Bob Rock

Re: Printer Material on the challenger


I received the material on the Challenger.

I'm interested in cleaning tile & grout, and wood floors and other type of floor cleaning in the future. The Challenger can do that and more. I'm impress. The Challenger has the seal of approval from my wife.

I use the VS1 and VS2 Equipment. The VS EQUIPMENT and a Challenger, two type of VLM cleaning. I'll be ordering in the future.

Thank you for sending the printed material.

Bob Rock
B.R. Carpet "Dry" Cleaners

Re: Printer Material on the challenger

Looking forward to hearing from you. I'm glad you
found the material informative.

Re: Printer Material on the challenger

i'd like some info to you email it or snailmail?

thanx --- Derek.

Re: Printer Material on the challenger

Hi Derek
Since Bob said his printer wasn't operating, I
sent him paper copies of the various pages of my 3
carpet-related websites: (my service business) (this website) (a website to sell
the individual Challenger, rather than as part
of a "Start Your Own Business" package.)

I don't print out a separate brochure, since just about everything I might say in it is already in
electronic print. Think of the trees that I'm
saving. If you too have printer problems - or no
printer - let me know and I'll snail- mail you
some copies.