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Challenger's weight

if i remember right, i believe the Challenger weighs around 66 pounds or so...that sounds great, pretty lightweight.

but for jobs that are trashed or matted down with grease, i am GUESSING, that some added weight would be more helpful. if this is true, can some weight be added to the Challenger? if so, how?

or is this never a concern?

thanx --- Derek.

Re: Challenger's weight

Yesterday I did a very heavily soiled office/workspace
for a moving & storage company. I encapped it, alternating between the beige FibrePlus pads and the
the green-striped white carpet scrubber. (Both performed equally well, by the way). I used the standard 1/2 hp Challenger, at 66 lbs. No additional
weight seemed to be needed. It might not be a bad idea to carry some divers' weights, to attach in case
additional weight did make a positive difference.