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Shower feed for challenger

Hi mark,
Could you please send me the info on a shower feed system for the challenger. I have been checking into this and I have allready talked witj jeff brown about his set-up. Would like to see what your set-up looks like and how we would use this system under normal conditions. Could you use it with the outsolve product? Or would the shower feed only work if you are en-capping?
Thanks Steve

here ya go Steve :

Mark, i hope you don't mind, but i am posting a link to the showerfeed pic's...i've uploaded them to my account at ImageShack...anyone can host pic's themselves for free :

pic's courtesy of Jeff Brown :

until the Challenger company makes it's own showerfeed or sprayer system, the above pic's are what all of you Challenger owners should consider doing in my opinion. showerfeed saves alot of time from my experiences. it eliminates one entire step in your cleaning process - no more pre-spraying.

especially is this GREAT for Encap'ing.

thanx --- Derek.

BTW, Mark i did get a couple emails from you, only 1 had pic's in it, and they were pic's of before and after of the Challenger at work...thanx for those!


forgot to post mr. Brown's is what he emailed to me :

"Hi Derek, this works pretty well when you don't have the right pad driver and on other op machine like the Challenger and CCS you can't go through the deck like a rotary.

As long as you can attach a shampoo tank to the handle, most of the time it just takes the right size u-bolts, all else you need is some tubing, four feet should be plenty, a tee and some peel and stick velcro.

The tubing goes around the deck of the machine and tee's into the tube comming out of the tank, the velcro is to hold the tubing around the deck in place and also allows you to remove it anytime you want.

You also need to make some holes in the bottom side of the tube around the deck so the solution can flow, a small drill bit or hot nail will work for this. Make as many holes as you want depending on the amount of flow you want
I have about 4 holes on each side and 4 in the front.

I hope you can see what I'm talking about from the pictures."

and then mr. Brown's 2nd email :

"Hey Derek, here's another picture of just the shower feed ring. I think I told you wrong on the number of holes I had in it. I have two sets of 5 in the front and one set of two on the sides. You want less holes on the sides than in the front so all your solution doesn't run out the sides before you get any to the front.

It's been a while since I did this so I couldn't remember about the holes so I had to take a second look.

The u-bolt in the picture is what normally comes with a shampoo tank, I had to use the other bracket in the picture because my handle is square."

Re: Shower feed for challenger

I 've just now forwarded you the Travis Mark and Jeff
Brown e-mails which discuss & show their approach to
using a handle-mounted tank on their Challengers. I
guess it would work both with encap cleaners and
pads, as well as with a non-encap product (such as
Outsolve) with terrycloth pads. I think what is missing, either way, is the effect of dwell time, which allows the cleaning liquid to soften up the soil
after a few minutes. But if the carpet weren't too
heavily soiled, that might not be a serious problem.