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Great Forum!

thanx for the Challenger forum Mark D.!

i'm a forum-a-holic, the more the better

lotsa great info here, hope to see more regular postings. we can all learn alot from eachother and share ideas. whilst i don't own a Challenger yet, i regularly clean carpet using the VLM method (very low moisture), primarily Encapsulation, so i'd love to help where i can.

take care --- Derek.

Re: Great Forum!

I forwarded to you the series of e-mails that Lee
Watson has had with Travis Mark of CA. Pics are
included. Hope you got it. If anyone else who visits
here is interested, it concerns the mounting of a
tank on the handle/shaft of the Challenger, and
connecting the tank with a spray or showerfeed at
just above carpet level. I can forward it to anyone
who requests it, along with a similar example
developed by Jeff Brown.

Re: Great Forum!

Hi Guys,
I'm getting a challenger in near future. Could you forward this 'tank' info to me. Much appreciated.
thank you

Re: Great Forum!

Hi Mark, I would like that info as well.


Re: Great Forum!

Hi Mark, have been using the challenger for almost
3 years now. Would love to see those pictures of
mounting a tank also. It would really help when I
do encap. thanks, Tom.

Re: Great Forum!

Dennis, Brian & Tom
I have forwarded to you an e-mail sent to me 9/1/04
re. a spray tank mounted on a Challenger. Hope it
gets to you.