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carpet protector

I have not used/sold any carpet protector at this time. What kind of protector(brand) should I consider using? how much do you charge for this product? Do you just spray it on and let it dry or do you work it into the fibers with the challenger? Whats you feeling on this subject?
Thanks Steve

PS What brand vacuum cleaner is everyone using?

Re: carpet protector

Hi Steve
I use a carpet protector made by Bioforce-Envirotech,
the company that makes Outsolve. ( I have at times just sprayed it
on, but I also have a light counter-rotating brush
machine, designed for scrubbing in Host-type of
granules. The spinning brushes help to distribute
the protector better. I charge .15/s.f. for
protectant. If you did choose to use the Challenger,
make sure you have something like a beige FibrePlus
pad under it. Don't use anything that might absorb
any of the protectant.