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First impressions

Hi, folks! Just a fast update on my experience so far with the Challenger.
I got my package last week and immediately put it to use on a couple of carpets in Mom's house. One of them was an ancient shag area rug that hadn't been cleaned in at least twenty five years. After vacuuming and working on a couple of spots with a hand brush, I fired up the Challenger for the first time and let 'er rip! Wow! The performance was phenomenal. I couldn't believe how easy it was to handle, even on the thick shag. I even let my four and six year old sons have a turn! And it picked up dirt like crazy. In no time, the rug was clean and Mom was thrilled.
Some years ago, I had a carpet cleaning business using a portable HWE unit, and I considered going back to that method when I decided to get back into the game. Now, I'm glad I found Drysdale's and the Challenger. I'm getting the same or better results, with none of the HWE disadvantages. Unlike a portable HWE, the Challenger is quiet, easy to set up and handle, leaves the carpet nearly dry, and gets the job done quickly. And the all-natural Outsolve solution appeals to people's desire for a chemical-free environment. All in all, I couldn't be more impressed.
I've got a few paying jobs lined up already, and I'll let you know how they go. If my experience so far is any indication, I'm expecting positive reviews across the board!

Re: First impressions

You sound like a convert. With your enthusiasm, you
should attract a lot of customers.