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Is the velcro coming off you stair cleaner?

Argosheen makes a pad with an elastic band for your small orbital stair cleaner. I use them all the time on upholstery or stairs and I love them.

Re: Is the velcro coming off you stair cleaner?

I didn't know that - about the Argo pad with the elastic. I have recently started modifying the stair
tool somewhat. I now use and supply the 6" Craftsman
buffer/polisher for stair use. The 7" and 8" models
I previously used & shipped have a large roundish
handle that can sometimes keep the machine from getting all the way back on the stair. The 6" machine
doesn't have this and is more maneuverable and cleans
just as quickly.

Does Argo sell the pad with the elastic in any size?