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pad driver

Hi Mark
I am thinking about ordering a 16 inch pad driver from oreck for commercial accounts. I have the 1/2 hp motor on my challanger. Will this size motor handle the extra size and the extra drag the larger pad driver would create?
How much sq feet per gallon should we be getting from the outsolve? Do you use releasit or outsolve on berber carpets?
Thank you
Steve shimek

Re: pad driver

Steve check your e-mail. Sorry it took so long to get back.
1 gallon to 1000 sqaure feet of carpet, more solution if heavily soiled when using outsolve.
Encap 1 galon to 300-400 sqaure feet of carpet.
I highly recommend outsolve on all residential carpets.
Encap works best on commercial carpet lightly to moderately soiled.
Unless you live in a rain forest dry time should not be a problem, 1-2 hours at most except in areas that where heavily soiled. Good luck. GO REDSOX!!!!
Charlie Hamel

Re: pad driver

In using the larger pad driver and the fibreplus pads, you might generate a lot of drag, which will make the Challenger a little
more difficult to control. I would suggest that you
buy one or more of the 17" white scrubbing pads with
the green stripes (did I already ship one of these to you?). The white nylon/rayon part of the pad is
slipperier than the fibreplus pads, but the raised green ridges still give you a lot of agitation for
encapping. I have done several encap jobs this way, and they seem to come out just as well as when I use
fibre pads. Plus the Challenger, with the larger pad
driver, is much easier to handle.