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Working with real estate brokers yet?

Brokers in the various real estate offices in the
communities you'd like to work in can be very helpful.
But these people are accustomed in their business to
working a lot with referrals. So go to each of these
sales offices. Explain to the "up" broker. or whoever
manages the office, that your company pays referral
fees to brokers, and leave off an envelope for each
of that office's brokers.

The envelope should contain a cover letter on your
letterhead in which you introduce yourself, and tells
the broker that your service is top-quality, healthy
(no chemicals or odor) and that it dries in no time.
Tell her/him that you will happily pay a referral fee
(15%?) for each buyer/seller/friend they send to you
who has a job done. If they send you, say, 3 jobs over the course of a year, offer to clean their home's carpeting at half price. If they send you, say, 10
people who buy your services within a 12-month period,
offer free carpet cleaning at the broker's home.

In addition to the letter (no longer than a single
page) also include a few of your business cards,
fliers, or whatever you use to promote your service.
Maybe a copy of a letter of reference from a pleased
customer as well.

Re: Working with real estate brokers yet?

As a take-off on this great marketing approach, I have also found out that dry cleaners make good referral sources. For some reason, people that come in to have their clothes cleaned ask about carpet cleaning as well, and specifically the cleaning of area rugs. One dry cleaner I visited sends out their customer's area rugs to an independent contractor who cleans them at $1.40 per sf. Might get 2-3 a month, but multiplied times the number of dry cleaners out there, this could develop into a good resource for business. Maybe do as Mark suggests here and pay for a referral lead and/or giving the dry-cleaner's customers a discounted rate, leaving business cards/flyers for potential clients.