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followup on 1st encap job

I did my first encap this week end and I feel it went very well. carpet looked good and customer was happy! It was a commercial carpet in a church with a daycare. Part of the carpet was very dirty and the hall way was just normal amount of routine dirt. I think on the very dirty parts I may need to slow down to get a more even cleaning across the carpet. The hallway came out great. I dicovered that buy pushing on the handle on the challenger to make it track to the right or the left worked the best. It was a nice slow pace of agitation across the carpet. I did this in the hallway and they turned out great. In the dirty day care rooms I moved the op machine back and forth my self and this may have been to fast. I think that this caused a little uneven look in the cleaning. Has anyone else had problem getting a even look across the carpet? I will be doing some more work at this church and will have time to experiment with the agitation speed. I tried both the fiberplus pads and the green stripe pad. The green stripe pad worked great. Brian had mentioned the encap should foam up a little when you agitate? I dont remember seeing any foam. I think I applied the encap at about the 300sq ft per gallon. I guess I will see how it goes on the next very dirty room in the daycare center next week. Thanks Steve

Re: followup on 1st encap job

Sounds like you have become an encap expert. I too
have found that with the green/white pad that there is
little to no visible foam. It may be due to this pad
being physically different from the FibrePlus pads.