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Video, warranty & service?

The two ladies from Montana are looking into the carpet cleaning business. It sounds like possibly we could handle the machines, but can you send us a video before we purchase? What is the warranty on the machines and where do we have them serviced in Montana? It appears there are quite a few carpet cleaners in this area - is it a hard business to get into and how long did it take you to build up your clients? Do you have any machines in the Missoula Montana area that we could see demonstrated? Thanks for your time.

Re: Video, warranty & service?

Hi Rosemary
I've already answered some of your questions in my
response to the e-mail you sent me. Wherever you are,
you are likely to find what seems like a lot of carpet
cleaners. But that is likely to be the case with
nearly any business you might consider entering.
The Drysdale's/Challenger package is structured to
enable you to be easily able to differentiate yourself
from the run-of-the-mill, traditional "wet" carpet
cleaners. These are the people with the truck mounts,
and the portable extractors. They all have to compete
with each other by trying to be the cheapest. Because
from the point of view of the customer, they're all
the same.
With the Drysdale's system, you can guarantee the
customer of the convenience of drying times that are
a fraction of those resulting from steam (wet)
cleaning. Plus, all of these folk are spraying
traditional (possibly harmful, even partially toxic)
cleaning chemicals all around the customer's home.
You can promise them that only all-natural, and odorless cleaning products will be used. Environmental
awareness rises with the customer's level of affluence. These people are much more likely to buy
on the basis of quality and safety rather than lowest
price. They'll want YOUR services. Also, the fact
that the two of you are women will also be in your
favor. 90% or more of residential customers are women, and they will feel much more comfortable having
either or both of you in their home than some guy or
guys they don't know.
Hope this helps.