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Stair tool improvements

I like to include the 6" or 7" Craftsman car orbital
polisher as an inexpensive but effective tool for
cleaning carpeted stairs, small area rugs, and some
(firm!) upholstery pieces. While both Argo and Oreck
make small orbital machines with handles which sell in
the $500 range, supplying the Craftsman with the
Drysdale's/Challenger package enables me to continue
to keep the package price under $2000 (for now).

The one problem I have had with this machine is keeping the velcro pad securely attached to the foam
"drive block". Mine has come off several times,
requiring that it be re-glued.

Recently I removed the foam pad altogether, and glued
the velcro circle directly onto the much firmer base
instead. I think it will remain in place much longer
this way, and it seems to clean better as well, since
it is firm compared to the spongier foam.

You may want to try this. Always use the best quality
of spray-on glue that your local hardware store stocks. If anyone needs a replacement 6" velcro
piece, let me know and I will send one out to you.