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I will be doing my first commercial carpet job with releasit. Looking for any tips that may help me out. I do have some fiberplus pads. Is that the way to go or should I use the green stripe pad? Any tips would be very helpful
Steve Shimek

Re: Encap

Hi Steve,
congrats on your first commercial job. The fiberplus pads are great for encaping with the Challenger. On my first commercial job I made the mistake of not using enough Releasit. The carpets didn’t foam up like they should have and they didn’t look all that clean when I was done. I found that a small amount of 'foaming' should occur when you agitate with the Challenger and the fiber pads. It will probably take you some practice to know exactly how much to spray down at first. I believe it’s 300 S.F. per gallon, but I sometimes use a bit more on dirty carpets. The foam should appear and quickly disappear if you’re doing it right.

One other thing I do that helps a real dirty carpet and even some stains. I spray the carpet with Releasit, let it dwell a bit and then bonnet the area with a wet pad ( not too wet). If that does not remove the soil, I then go over it again with a dry pad. After that I encap it normally. I have had real good luck with getting the carpets looking very good doing this. It only needs to be done on very dirty carpets though.

Hope this helps.

Re: Encap

Hi Steve
Brian makes some good points. The combination of
cotton pads first (to lower the soil load) followed
by regular encapping works well. I have used the
white-with-green-stripes scrubbing pad on several
encap jobs, and it seems to me to work as well as the
FibrePlus pads, plus it doesn't leave tiny bits of the
decomposing FibrePlus pad on the surface.

I have also found that when using encap on wool carpeting, with the Fibreplus pad, you kind of scuff
off a lot of carpet fiber which gets grabbed onto the
pad, as well as accumulating on the carpet surface,
requiring a lot of vacuuming.

Re: Encap

Hi Guys
Thanks for the tips for my encap job. Its very helpfull to be able to walk in and have a few tricks to get a great result. I will follow up after the job and let you know how things went. Thank again for the help!!!
Steve Shimek