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i am thinking about it

I am thinking about the carpet cleaning business. Is it profitable, and what is a effect way of advertisement?

Re: i am thinking about it

Hello Carl
Thanks for visiting. Glad to hear that you are giving
some thought to entering this business. How profitable
it turns out to be for you will depend upon a number
of variables, including your desire to succeed, your
determination to work at it, and your willingness to
learn from my training manual as well as from the other opportunities out there, such as carpet cleaners' online forums and bulletin boards such as
this one.
With regard to marketing, the Drysdale's Training
Manual includes an extensive section on marketing to
both the residential and commercial markets. (They are
approached quite differently!) You'll learn why the
Yellow Pages might NOT be the place you want to rush
to and be sold a big ad by the YP sales people. Give
me a call if you wish and maybe I can help you explore
this better. Or e-mail me @