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Hi Mark
I have a sample bottle of the release-it and would like to try it on a commercial account I have been working with. THis carpet was really dirty and the outsolve did a great job. But it still looks like I may be able to improve the results in some areas.So I am going to order the fiber plus pads and try Encap to see If there is a differance. Maybe I have done all I can but I want to experiment. You have mentioned that you have been having good results. Could you explain the proper proceedure of using release-it using the challanger machine. Any tips would be helpfull
Thanks Steve S.

Re: Encap

I use Releasit sprayed on a little more heavily than
I do with Outsolve. From what I have read on the website, there needs to be
enough of the Releasit solution in the carpet to
enable the little clusters to form and to dry. This
would seem to argue against using Releasit with cotton
pads, since the cotton would absorb (remove) most of
the Releasit.
I scrub in the Releasit solution either with Rick G's
FibrePlus pads (nonabsorbent) or with the green/white
scrubber that I send out with the Drysdale's/Challenger package (not very absorbent).