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hi mark i have been researching the carpet cleaning
industry for months now and i am planning on starting my own business now after a unexpected layoff i am familiar with the carpet industry i installed for over 11 years now and i am planning to add restrectch and repairs to the cleaning also i was originaly going to go with hwe. but after reading your system
i figured it to be alot more inexpensive route to go
i was planning on spending over 20,000.00 and going into debit doing so. so thanks for the info.

Re: info

Hi Steve
With my less than $2000 package, you won't have to
compete with the "steam guys". They all have to com-
pete with each other, each trying to be the cheapest.
Your customers will be buying from you based on quality, convenience (brief drying time) and health
(natural, odorless cleaning products.) Hope to see
you soon.