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I would like to hear from some experienced users that have really used both truck mount units and the Challenger. Does the Challenger compare in quality of cleaning? I'm finding this hard to believe.

Re: Contemplating

Hi Alan,

whether one system is better (more effective) than the other may never be determined. Both methods get carpets clean. The challenger system is not touted as being better, just another method that works very well. Try both and see what you think. There are pros and cons to each system theat you will find when you compare the two methods.

here's a couple:
The challenger method offers a unique selling point that HWE does not. Low Moisture. I have been cleaning carpets for under a year and my customers are very happy that they can walk on their carpets in under 2 hours. I can charge more for this feature and they don't mind paying for the convenience. One drawback from the Challenger method could be that you need to launder the cotton pads after each use. On the other hand, you need to empty the dirty water from truck mounted system after every job.

With HWE, you are competing with all the other HWE carpet cleaners and ultimately the only point that will separate you from these cleaners is price. Price competition is definately something I would not want to have to deal with even after doing this for only 8 months or so. I'm not in competition with any of the HWE companies.


Re: Contemplating

Hi Alan
Brian mentioned the customer loyalty that is obtained
via the low-moisture, rapid-dry aspect of this type
of carpet cleaning. In my experience, perhaps even
more important to customers is the chemical-free,
odor-free, all-natural feature. High end customers
willingly pay the asked price for this benefit.