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Customer feedback

Anyone getting any customer feedback? I am wondering if I should send out a customer satisfaction form to get an idea of how my customers felt about my work performance. When I leave the customer, I always ask if they are satisfied and have always gotten a positive response, but I can't be completely sure if that's the truth. Anyone gathering this type of info?


Re: Customer feedback

My take on the forms is that it's overhead. If you're running this 40+ hours a week and turning a great profit, I'd do it. If you're part-time or just starting, save your money. Put the money to better uses. The adage, "It takes money to make money" applies, but to me if it wasn't positive then you'd know! I generate more jobs from follow-up phone calls and walking the customer through the finished jobs than any advertising I've ever spent money on!

That's my .o2, and I'm sticking to it!