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Hi, did a 200 s.f. residential berber rug today. This was an area rug with an undersized pad, meaning the pad was about 3 inches smaller on all sides than the rug. The lack of pad made it impossible to get the corners clean. It was really trashed by kids and cats.

I've never had trouble cleaning berber when I use Releasit, however, this rug was tough. To be honest, I don't think it came out all that clean. I even tried using the Outsolv and cotton pads after the releasit din't work, but it still did not look good. Some stains did not come out at all.

The berber was multi-level. Describing it is difficult, but it was a tiny checkered layered with each checker a different hieght, and I think that was what made it so difficult to clean. Of course the higher piles became very clean, but the lower piles held in the dirt. I couldn't get at the dirt it seemed. Not sure if I even want to offer to clean a berber like that again.


Re: Berber

Brian ive been having same problem i have not found the answer as of yet if somthing changes i will let you know. good luck.

Re: Berber

Re. cleaning corners: it's a little tricky, but you
can stand near the corner, directing the machine up
toward the corner. Of course, if someone else is
present, you can ask him/her to stand on the corner.

Did you use the green-striped scrubbing pad? The green
part kind of sticks out from the white part, and might
go down into the difficult area. The Challenger's
tile & grout brush has 2 levels of bristles in order
to be able to get down into the grout lines. It might
be able to do likewise into the recessed parts of this
berber carpet. On the other hand, it might be too

In the past I have used showerfeed-types of scrub
brushes on rotaries to help break up horrific stains,
and don't believe I ever caused carpet damage.