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Its been awhile

Hi Mark,
I got away from the business for a while due to some personal reasons so I am cathing up with the bulletin board.
I also just did a job at a daycare in a church. The carpet was a mess but it came out looking great. I hope this generates some more leads for me. Couple questions.
1) When you use the green scrubber pad do you wet this? How long after you scrub with the green pad do you let it dwell before you go over it with a cotton pad?
2) Clean the vinyl flooring? That never crossed my mind. Does it affect the wax coating or cause any problems at all? What did you charge per sq foot for this service?
3)Have you ever considered a business seminar so we could all get together. Perhaps a cruise or a nice resort. Someplace warm and in the winter. Anyone else interested?
Good to be back