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Customers ask this question all the time...

I'm always asked to explain how my business and cleaning process is different from "Chem Dry". My business name (DryBrite) has the word "Dry" in it so I guess it reminds folks of the Chem Dry company - not sure. I've had customers look surprised when I tell them I'm not Chem Dry. (you would think they would read the name and see this fact.. but..)

I usually respond that Chem Dry uses a chemical process and that I do not. I'm not completely sure if that's true, but I did read they use some sort of carbonated water process. I've looked on their national website, but it does not explain what they use and how they use it. Does anyone else get this question? Does anyone know how we are different from Chem Dry? Just want to make sure I'm telling the truth here.


Re: Customers ask this question all the time...

The last time I looked at a Chem-Dry package of info
aimed at prospective franchisees it described their
cleaning product as being "copied from nature". I for
one don't understand what this means, and probably
the C-D franchisees would be unable to satisfactorily
explain it as well.

One major difference - to me, anyway - is that C-D uses a rotary floor machine, not an orbital. I've
used both extensively, and feel the orbital, with its
hi-speed, "tamping-type" action, cleans more effectively. It certainly scrubs out spots better and
more quickly. I also am not sure whether C-D uses
all-cotton pads, or bonnets, either. The higher the
% of cotton, the more absorbtive the pad.

I've had customers refer to C-D as not nearly as low-
moisture as they were led to expect, but that could
just be a poorly-trained individual doing the work.