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I would like to get anybodys opinion about a few ideas i have one is a 7gal electric sprayer at i think it would be a time saver.two ive been testing some carbonated cleaner with pretty good results. you can check this out at if any one is interested. GO (ND)

Re: sprayers

I think a 7-gallon sprayer would make sense on larger
commercial jobs, as long as it moved around on wheels.
I'd hate to have to lift & carry something like that.
7 gallons weighs 56 lbs. On commercial jobs I use a
5-gallon battery-powered sprayer known as "Rocket
Spray". (Google "Rocket Spray") It works either on
wheels, or can be carried back-pack style.
I'm not really familiar with carbonated products. Can
they be described as all-natural?

Re: sprayers

Mark when you get a chance check out the nosoapseries web site it will explain the product better than I could. Ive had pretty good luck with the cleaner.although i do like the outsolve product and it has been well received by my customers i think theres always room for new ideas.