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Hello everyone, I'm thinking of marketing to apartment managers. Is anyone cleaning apartments? I'm not quite sure what an apartment manager would expect to pay per apartment (or per room). Anyone doing this? Just not sure if this idea is a good one regarding profit and I don't want to waste my time.


Re: Pricing

From reading the other various c.c. boards and forums,
one gets mixed opinions on cleaning apartments. It
seems that some apartment owners/management companies
pay notoriously low rates (say, $25 - 30/unit) while
others are somewhat more generous ($75 - 80). You
would probably need to mail to or otherwise contact
a number of apartment owners/managers in your area to
see what the deals were. I would suggest offering a
free sample cleaning, then get into a discussion with
whoever is the decision-maker as to what they might be
willing to pay. It might be worth taking less than what you consider ideal hourly returns on your time in
order to fill hours that might otherwise go unbilled.
This wouldn't affect the higher rate you charge your
residential customers.