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greetings to all. i have a problem im hoping someone can help me with, im not getting the results i would like with the stair buffer tried outsolve also encap not happy with either results. any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Re: stairs

Try changing your pads more often. Also you may have to go over them several times using the All Natural methed. It sounds like they are very heavily soiled. You may want try some argo for tough spots. Good luck.
Charlie Hamel

Re: stairs

I find that Encap (Releasit) works well on stairs using a Fiberplus pad from and the orbitor. I had a 17" pad and cut it to fit the orbitor, but they do sell a 7" pad that I think may fit it.

You can also use the releasit with the small cotton pads that were included with your package as well. I did a job last weekend using a cotton pad this way and it worked well. A lot less work.


Re: stairs

First of all, make sure you vacuum each stair thoroughly. Then, when spraying each stair, if there
is visible ground-in soil, or spots/stains, run a
fingernail-type of brush vigorously through the soiled
or stained area, and allow a few minutes of dwell time
before using the orbiter & pad. I have recently switched from a 7" orbiter, which has the big round
handle that gets in the way a little, to a 6" machine,
which omits the big handle and fits more snugly all the way to the back of the stair. These are only $20
at Sears, and I think make an ideal stair tool, either with cotton pads, or - if encapping - with the
FiberPlus pads.