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how hard is this machine to handle

A relative of mine surprised me with a new floor machine today. I was wanting to get your system. I figured I'd go ahead and try out this floor machine. Needless to say that as soon as I turned it on it flew out of my hands! I kept trying and trying but it just kept ripping out of my hands. So, now we are stuck with this machine which we are going to try to ship back. I hope they will take it back. Anyways, now it is going to take me a while to be able to purchase your system. My number one concern is the torque. Is the challenger machine going to rip out of my hands as well? I don't want a machine that I can't control. I know this may make some of you laugh but, the floor machine put a whole in the wall. So now I'm also stuck with having to repair that. So, as you can see I am very intereseted in a machine that is easy to handle, PERIOD! I hope that the challenger is the machine for me. Now I just have to wait to see if we can return the other machine before I can purchase your system. So please answer my main question with honesty. Thank you and I hope I can join the rest of the Drysdale customers!

Re: how hard is this machine to handle

Hi, Jose.
I feel your pain. I too have damaged walls with a
traditional rotary machine. I can remember training
people in their use. I'd show them how, then go over
and stand by the electric outlet waiting to pull the
plug if/when the machine got away from them.
Nothing like this occurs with the Challenger, with its
minimum-torque handling. Squeeze the trigger, and it
begins to vibrate (hum) in place. On a few types of
carpeting (some oriental rugs) there is a slight
tendency for it to want to travel in a certain direction with the run of the carpet's pile, but that's nothing compared with your experience with a
rotary. Hope we get you back soon.