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Cape Wrath Trail

I am hoping to walk the Cape Wrath Trail but my wife is not happy for me to walk it alone. She thinks my age of 70+ is risky solo. Is there anyone out there or knows of anyone with similar ambition. I am a veteran of 11 TGOCs including 2023 and treks abroad. Contact me if interested. jch75seh@gmail.com

Re: Cape Wrath Trail

I suspect Lindsay Jones (yes, unfortunately she is related!) would be up for this.

Re: Cape Wrath Trail

HI John

If you have done the TGO Challenge eleven times you will without a doubt smash the Cape Wrath Trail (CWT). Look, the CWT isn't difficult you just have to keep going. There are no exposed ridges or summits.....unless you want to put them in. You just have to keep going and to reognise that you walking over bog is hard going.

Why don't you comprise and carry a SPOT device or something similar? Report in every day, something you can press if you get stuck, break your leg etc. The Cape Wrath Trail is a wonderful experience and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. If your wife is worried, invest in a decent GPS device. Let us know how you get on!

Re: Cape Wrath Trail

I am in my 60s, not 70s, and have only done 10 crossings. However, I would say go for it. I have NEARLY done the CWT, in two stints. The weather was the issue for me, as torrential rain led to rivers in spate, and when I retreated to sit it out, I was flooded out of my pitch!
I fully intend to have another go at it, intending to do the whole thing and will do so solo.

As said above, the route is not particularly difficult, though remote. Carrying a SPOT or similar could be a good idea.


Re: Cape Wrath Trail

Hi John

I agree with Paul. As a 70+ woman with only 8 completed Challenges, living in Assynt near the northern part of the CWT, you (and/or your wife), need have no fear of it. It's my regular walking area. I see very few people and resupply opportunities are infrequent, but that just needs planning for.

We have a good range of MBA bothies UP here: Knockdampf, Schoolhouse, Glencoul, Glendhu, Strathan, Strathcailleach (near Sandwood) and the iconic Kervaig, a few miles east of Cape Wrath, if you need more solid shelter, as well as the hostel at the lighthouse. See mountain bothies.org.uk for details.

I agree with the suggestion of a SPOT or Garmin Inreach device. I post an OK message every evening when setting up camp and that keeps my husband from worrying and I know I could easily get help if needed.

If you do need it, we have an excellent mountain rescue team, based in Inchnadampf, which is on the CWT. The Dundonell MRT, to the south of us, is also excellent. We may be in the Far North (and currently snowed in) but it's not particularly difficult terrain.

PM me if you want more detailed knowledge.

Good luck and enjoy!


Re: Cape Wrath Trail

I turn 68 in the high Cairngorms during the TGO this year, though I am beginning to see a corner, around which things will be different in not very many years. Would be happy to hear from you and your wife! My husband cannot backpack due to a severe spinal injury ten years ago, but he will be joining me for a week of day-hikes in Deeside, after I finish. Crossing fingers ... for us all!

Re: Cape Wrath Trail

Response to Nell Platt

Just done a Winter Skills Course in the Cairngorms. Does round the corner possibly allow for a CWT next year. If conversation possible happy for direct contact on jch75seh@gmail.com