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Re: Kinloch Rannock to Tummel Bridge

I've just received confirmation from SSE, via Perth & Kinross Council that the track along the south bank of the aqueduct is also out of commission.
I'm in exactly the same boat Ray. I've visited the cave before and was looking forward to an easy offroad day after a full day of road-walking the day before. I was also planning on meeting my wife who would be coming up the track from Tummel Bridge.

Risking life & limb walking along the main road on the north bank saves a couple of km but certainly isn't appealing. The only offroad alternative I can see is a short section between NN 670588 & NN 683587.

Re: Kinloch Rannock to Tummel Bridge

Hi Ray!
I've walked that road with Emma that year we walked along Glen Lyon. As you know, we survived. It's fine, I have definitely walked worse!

Re: Kinloch Rannock to Tummel Bridge

Hi Louise

Yes I also walked that road in 2016 and it was because of the experience that I am reluctant to do so again.

If it wasn't for some nimbleness (jumping into a bush)that surprised even me I would have been spread across the road. A car driving at speed not only in excess of the speed limit but also dangerously due to the sharpness of the bend nearly wiped me out.

Unfortunately my reactions are not as good as they were then hence my caution.

However circumstances may force me along it, although I have not discarded the choice of the Braes of Foss option especially as I have a room booked at the Kynachan Hotel.

Re: Kinloch Rannock to Tummel Bridge

Good luck Ray, whichever you choose 😁

Re: Kinloch Rannock to Tummel Bridge

Thanks Louise
BTW there are two bridges on the B846 route, and you know my luck with bridges !!!!

Re: Kinloch Rannock to Tummel Bridge

I am reasonably confident you'll be fine with those bridges 😅

Re: Kinloch Rannock to Tummel Bridge

If it is any consolation, you would have had to cross at least two bridges and some stepping stones on the McGregor's Cave / Aqueduct route.

Re: Kinloch Rannock to Tummel Bridge

I was going to take the McGregor's cave route, so I'm glad I've see this post. I walked the B846 on my first Challenge 7 years ago, and thought it ok, with a bit of care, and made good fast progress. The little off-road path just E of Kinloch Rannoch is a nice start. I'll be sorry to miss out the cave route this time though, but look forward to breakfast in Kinloch Rannoch.

Re: Kinloch Rannock to Tummel Bridge

Imagine getting to the cave and heading off down the hull to the bridge near the dam only to find it blocked? Nightmare!!!

It's really lucky that we found out about the closure. My wife was going to walk up from TB and meet me somewhere on the track so she was researching where to park and get on the track when she came across a posting from someone saying they had been stopped by a fence and locked gate.

I wonder if SSE did a risk assessment including the risk of forcing pedestrians to use the main road because both aqueduct tracks and the path through the woods are all closed. I'm guessing that they also assumed that walkers would only join the track from the bottom, not coming across the moorland at the top.

Re: Kinloch Rannock to Tummel Bridge

I think there might well have been tears! along with other forms of meltdown. Grateful thanks to your wife Brian, and I hope you find al alternative meeting place.