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Re: lochailort lodging for May 10, 2023 +/-

Hi Shaun,

I too plan to stay on 10 May.

I was going to leave it until March, but, I have emailed the Inn to ask whether they would be prepared to reserve bookings in advance of their official reopening.

I explained that you, me, and I'm sure others, would want to get their arrangements for staying at the Lochailort Inn sorted out well in advance.

I stayed there in 2012 and do remember it being a very friendly place.

Fingers crossed there will be a warm body there to respond to the email. :thinking_face:

Re: lochailort lodging for May 10, 2023 +/-

Think there may be new management since you were last there Gordon, but the young lady I chatted to as I signed out last year was lovely 😊

Re: lochailort lodging for May 10, 2023 +/-

I'm sure a lot of things have changed. Good to see that you had a pleasant experience last year.

I remember a good room and venison curry. Too much to hope for the venison curry, but, I'll settle for a good room at a reasonable price.

I still haven't had a reply to my email, but, will post again if I do. Fingers crossed.

Re: lochailort lodging for May 10, 2023 +/-

Had no reply from Lochailort Inn.

I'm hoping that when it reopens in Spring (?) I will get a notification ( asked for on line ).

I'm still hoping that I will be able to book a room then - optimistic.

If not my fall back plan is:

Stay in Fort William - most places are £££.

My cheapest way is to camp in Glen Nevis Campsite ( always take backpacking tents ) and walk to the station ( 46 mins according to Google ) to catch the 0830 train that goes to Lochailort. Or, get a taxi to the station; which will not be too costly. May depend on the weather/effect of the night before. :fearful: :joy:

I know some have camped near the Inn, but, I've no idea where and don't want to be searching on the night before.

Re: lochailort lodging for May 10, 2023 +/-

I camped at Loch Linnhe campsite at Corpach last year Gordon, the bus stops at the entrance to the site and drops you outside the hotel at Lochailort. I thought it was more convenient than Glen Nevis, only £20 to camp

Re: lochailort lodging for May 10, 2023 +/-

Thanks Louise.

That looks like a good option if the Inn doesn't have a room.

Re: lochailort lodging for May 10, 2023 +/-

I also have had not luck in contacting them for staying there on the 10th. I going to stay at Morar Hotel. much cheaper than Fort William (already staying there on the following Saturday) and there is a 0600 train for an early start

Re: lochailort lodging for May 10, 2023 +/-

Hi Shaun,

Just in case you haven't got anything sorted out for your start from Lochailort Inn.

Still no word from them, although I'm supposed to be notified by them when they are open for booking " in the Spring ". :thinking_face:

There may be something before the time, but, just in case I've booked into the Fort William Backpackers Hostel: £27.50 in a mixed dorm. It's a short walk downhill to the Station and there is a train at 0830 in the morning to Lochailort.

If the Lochailort Inn is open and bookable in May I may still go for it.

Paid £4.12 so far and I can cancel up to very near the date.

I've looked at a bus from the Linnhe Campsite and the first one is at 1012. Camp fee is in the order of £20.

Hope this is of use to you or anyone else starting from the Lochailort Inn. :thinking_face:

Re: lochailort lodging for May 10, 2023 +/-

That's about right for the campsite, might not suit some, but was fine as I only had a short day planned. I was still in Glenfinnan for 3pm 🤣🤣🤣

Re: lochailort lodging for May 10, 2023 +/-

Just to confirm: the Inn is closed - as we know - and up for sale. So, no rooms at the Inn. :scream: