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printing os maps

I've had difficulty printing os maps with the "new and improved" version. Several weeks ago, i spoke with a customer service rep who directed me to the Classic Version after spending 30 minutes or so trying unsuccessfully to assist me with the newest version. The classis version worked for me. Saturday, I attempted to print the remainder of the maps for TGO 2022. Problems agAIN!!! And not customer support until today, Monday. Today I learned that the new and improved version still does not work AND the Classic Version is no longer accessible even to OS customer support. Now I am back in the queue of a response that may take multiple days. I leave shortly for the UK. NO MORE TIME to be patient.

Any one have luck resolving print problems with current version of OS MaPs. please share the secrets.


Shaun E. Sexton
2022 Team Alaska.

Re: printing os maps

Hi Shaun, was there a particular problem? I found that the old and the new version worked differently depending on my browser (Chrome 100.0.4896.75, Safari 14.1.2 and Safari 13.1.2). Since I've printed with the old version before I started with that, but then found out that the new version has a superior feature: actually seeing the actual area of printing ahead. Also you can't accidentally print "fit to page" maps because that option has been removed, so you always print to scale, but of course you need to select the scale first (I printed mine in 1:50 000 so some days' routes had to be either cut from the beginning or the end because they could not fit on the A4 paper but I didn't find that a problem since those bits were usually on the previous or next day's map then. It also is a bit fiddly as you need to click "show full printable area" every now and then to check your route but I still prefer it to the rubbish preview of the older version.

I ended up using my Mac mini and Safari 13.1.2 browser since Chrome still has a bug that changes the outcome of the map scale with 2 mm (can't remember whether it was 2 mm too much or too little) but Safari was accurate. Of course my "prints" are only PDF files waiting to printed out on waterproof paper by a printing company, but I checked the scale with a ruler (selected the option "show scale on map" or something like that that placed the small scale mark on the corner).

Since the new version now has all kinds of fancy balls and whistles, it was really slow on my older computer, but manageable.

One important thing that I suggest you check before you pull out all your hair if the app just keeps telling you "Sorry, can't print your s**t" (I suppose it wasn't that exact error code but it felt like that after a dozen of tries) but does not give you any reason for it, is to make sure there are no special characters in the route names. It took a long while for me to figure out why some of the days' routes were not printing, but channeling my inner Sherlock Holmes helped: All Coire an Dòthaid did not print but All Coire an Dothaid did...

Hope this helps.

2022 Team Finland

Re: printing os maps

Shaun, I have the same problem. On 7 April, I was able to speak to a very nice fellow at OS Customer Service who admitted that he was having problems with the new site also. Then I tried again about a week later and the result was an email from a less helpful customer service rep stating that the issue had been fixed and that the problem was my fault. He suggested that I update my browser to the latest version, clear the cache, and start over. Well, that is NOT the problem. I have tried three different browsers, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, all of which are the latest versions. I also cleared the cache on all of them. Guess what? The system will not "Generate PDF" when you click on that button. It simply times out. However, I came up with a work-around that you might try if you have a large computer screen. I found that when I hit "print", set the scale to 1:50K and A4 paper, when the map print area shows, instead of clicking on the useless "Generate PDF", I take a screenshot of the map area. I then convert that to a pdf and print it out to fit an A4 paper, and it comes out perfectly. BUT I think your screenshot must be at least the size of A4 paper. You might try that.

Re: printing os maps

No help here, but I've had nothing but trouble with the OS maps (desktop and mobile app) this year. Spent lots of quality time with customer service, too. For printing, I ended up taking screen shots and pasting them into Google docs for printing. Worked pretty well actually. Good luck!