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Mindful of the awful situation that is developing in eastern Europe, and the political moves associated with it, I wondered if this would hit the availability of gas cylinders for my stove in the near future.

I usually buy a batch of cylinders for my 'summer season' around Easter, so decided to move it forwards a few weeks. I found a really good deal, which was delivered very promptly. I thought some of you might be interested.


Re: Gas

Thanks Lindy! I think I'll check my stash...

Re: Gas

I tried the local Go outdoors a couple of weeks ago, they had no stock and had no idea when they were likely to receive any. I got some from Wiggle.
It was hard to come by last year even before the Ukraine outrage.
Seems it will be wise to carry 2 weeks supply in May.


Re: Gas

I have wondered about gas canister availability, too. We can't stock up early though; coming from overseas we'll have to rely on whatever stock is available as we go through Inverness, Aviemore & Braemar.

Re: Gas

I am in a similar position as Kent. I will be flying into Glasgow so will have to get my gas in the 2 or so hours before I get the train to Kyle of Lochlash. If there is no shortage it should not be a problem.

Is there a store in Kyle that I may be able to get a bottle if the plane arrives in Glasgow late? Maybe I will order it before hand and collect it when I arrive.

Any other suggestions? The thought of cold food for 2 weeks does not appeal to me.


Re: Gas

I’m leaving Kilchoan on Thursday 12th May - happy to take an extra gas cylinder to start for anyone flying in - repay in beer at a suitable hostel somewhere on the crossing - could that be a useful plan?

Re: Gas

That's a brilliant idea Graham, and very kind. Is it Dornie you are starting from William, or Plockton maybe? Hopefully someone will be able to help you out (I'm starting much further south, so no can be no help to you, I'm afraid)

Re: Gas

I'll happily bring a spare 200g threaded gas to Acharacle if that helps an international challenger.

Will arrive Wednesday afternoon for a Thursday start but could leave it somewhere for a later start.


Re: Gas

Will be in Plockton around midday on Friday 13th (#shudders). Happy to bring a canister - just email me direct if needed. Spring is coming!

Re: Gas

Thanks very much to everyone who has offered assistance both here and privately.

Unfortunately I am an early starter as I leave Dornie on the Tuesday 10th.

I contacted Kyle Hotel and they said that JJ Hardware store in Kyle sells the gas. I will call them and get a bottle.

I will let you know you know how I get on.

I am really looking forward to May and getting into the hills. See you there.

Thanks again
William :flag-bb:

Re: Gas

I, too, appreciate the offers of assistance. I'm going to try to pre-purchase or ask them set aside some canisters for us. That should work. I hope.

Re: Gas

I just called JJ Hardware in Kyle and they have a stock of the gas bottles in all sizes and makes. So it should not be a problem.

I will call them a few days before just to confirm.


Re: Gas

Kent and William - I'm in the same boat as you. Coming from overseas and praying for the screw top gas cannisters on arrival! This is such a helpful thread - a big THANK YOU for your advanced research.

We are arriving into Inverness a few days early so hopefully will be able to pick up some there. JJ Hardware in Kyle will be our back up plan though!

PS: William, maybe I'll run into you Tuesday in Dornie?!? My sister and I start from there on the 10th too.

Re: Gas

After thinking about it, I've decided to pre-order our canisters at GO Outdoors (Inverness), Cairngorms Mountain Sports (Aviemore) and Braemar Mountain Sports (Braemar) so they are waiting for us when we arrive. Come to think of it we did the same thing in 2018, just to be safe. There are lots of moving pieces to a TGOC plan, especially when coming from overseas. Makes me feel better to eliminate risk when it's easy to do so.