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Re: Kinnaird Estate

I am planning to go that way too. I found a "route" listed on Slow Ways The route is yet to be verified but I am assuming that it was posted by someone who knew the route was viable. Otherwise, it could be a rather boring road walk. Maybe see you along the way...

Re: Kinnaird Estate

We entered the Park off the A933 at the spot height 52 in 2017. I don't recall any problem with entering. We were heading south towards Lunan Bay (highly recommended if you want to change your plans). The tall southern gate near Farnell was definitely locked. We entered the estate with another Challenger (S) who was planning to head for Montrose via the East Gate which S told us later was also locked. So well worth confirming in advance that you can have through passage.

Re: Kinnaird Estate

This is interesting - thanks!

I've emailed it to Sue & Ali, they may not be aware.

See you in May!


Re: Kinnaird Estate

I’m planning to go through kinnaird estate on Thursday 26th may. Entering via A933 at spot height 52 and leaving via gate at NO642572. If the estate are to be approached, it would make sense for there to be one contact rather than lots - happy to risk it without contacting the estate - i’ve deliberately picked a route that avoids the heart of the estate. Still waiting on route approval - I’m guessing the vetters are dealing with a glut of early applications at the moment.

Re: Kinnaird Estate

Hopefully Sue & Ali will pick up my email to them and contact the estate in an official capacity.

Re: Kinnaird Estate

This ones trickier than it first seems. We could phone annually but then only a few routes go this way each year and we have a similar footfall through many other estates such as Cortachy and Blair Castles. So would we do the same there too? Before you know it we could have an unmanageable list of annual phone calls to make.
We also don't really want to be asking regular favours such as gates being left open. Keeping track of such requests, who to ask etc could be a bit of a nightmare. Vetters will often advise if a route goes through somewhere like Kinnaird Park. The long and the short of it is the exit via Scotston is your best option as most of the others are often locked, as we found out ourselves one year when we tried to get out the south end only to be faced with a 10ft high wall and gate. . . We had to go a very long way around to get out!

Re: Kinnaird Estate

Thank you, that is very helpful. It's always the lowland / suburban bits that throw up the most access challenges!

Re: Kinnaird Estate

I went that way a few years ago and met a few estate staff who wished me a friendly good morning. The big gates at the East Lodge exit looked very closed from a distance so I carried on and left by the Carcary Lodge exit to the south at NO 642 565. From here you can follow a very pleasant track that follows the course of the old railway line to the road by the River South Esk.

Re: Kinnaird Estate

Hi Sue
I’m a bit late commenting on your post I’m afraid!
I’ve planned to go through the Kinnaird estate too, on Monday 23rd May, going in and out via Scotston at the same points as Graham. My route has been vetted and nothing said about that bit. I discovered a Facebook page for Kinnaird Castle and some of the comments indicate that the estate don’t mind people walking through, confirming what’s already been said here, but there are contact details on the page in case anyone wanted to get in touch, or you could post a question on the page.
You’re probably all organised by this time anyway, I hope you have a great challenge, maybe we will bump into each other, depending on your start date.
Sue Pow