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Combining fishing with the TGO

Hey guys,

I’ve got this crazy idea in my head that it might be cool to combine the TGO with my recently rediscovered love of fly fishing.

I’m wondering if anyone has ever taken a fly rod with them on the TGO before, and if so, did they plan their route around different rivers and Lochans where they could fish?

I’m not crazy enough (or skilled enough!) to assume I can live off fish to feed myself on the challenge. I’d be working on a catch & release basis and would also be acquiring the correct permits, where applicable, to fish the waters on the route.

I can’t find anything in the rules against it, though do appreciate it’s a bit of a unorthodox plan. I reckon I could carry all the fishing gear with only around 1kg weight gain.

I guess I’m just wondering if anyone has done this sort of thing before and can offer any advice?

It’s not a dealbreaker for me, either. If I’m advised against it, then I can accept that and plan my route differently.


Re: Combining fishing with the TGO

Someone did this I'm sure, maybe called Billy? I'll have a dig for his blog...

Re: Combining fishing with the TGO
Re: Combining fishing with the TGO

Brilliant! Thanks for this… and a very similar route to one I had in my head, too!

Re: Combining fishing with the TGO

So happy my memory was accurate! 🙃

Re: Combining fishing with the TGO

Louise, your memory never ceases to impress! If ever this message board goes down we could just replace it with your brain...

Re: Combining fishing with the TGO

I'll take that as a compliment 🤣🤣🤣
Just don't expect me to be able to put a name to a face 🙈

Re: Combining fishing with the TGO

Hello Grahame, Louise is correct ( hello Louise, long time no squeak!), I was the person that thought it would be a good idea to cross fly fishing as I went, It was the weather and an injury that was against me on that trip! You'll enjoy it if you do it, the only thing I would do differently is to take an Intermediate line with Poly-leaders of various densities, at that time of year there's not many fish up on the surface, especially on the hill lochs, anyway enjoy your walk when the time comes and tight lines. I may see you at some point on the crossing or at Montrose as I think I'll be doing the same route as that one back in 2013!

Re: Combining fishing with the TGO


I’m actually planning a different route, with a few different options.

The plan is to start at Shiel Bridge and finish at Aberdeen (though not crazy enough to try and pay to fish the Dee, despite walking the deeside way on the way home!), with stops at Fort Augustus, Aviemore and Ballater for supplies

In terms of fishing, the current plan is to fish as follows:

Day 1: Loch a’Bhealaich - it’s on NTS land and free to fish. Also on a quieter route than the usual Affric Kintail way, which will be quite good
Day 3: Loch na Beinne Baine - I’m actually struggling to find permit info, but is it’s on the border of 3 different estates, I suspect it’ll be free to fish
Day 5/6: the River Spey… £15 a day from Badenoch Angling Association, and covers from Spey Dam all the way up to Kingussie
Day 7 is a rest day, and I reckon I’ll probably have a relaxing cast at Rothiemurchus fishery
Day 8, I’m hoping to have a wee crack at Loch Avon. That’s been a bucket list fishing opportunity for a while!
Day 9: a wee cast on the Derry Burn/Lui Water - already spoken to the guys at Mar Lodge, and they’re happy for me to fish it for free (as long as it’s catch and release)
Day 11: a couple of hours at Tillich trout fishery, to the east of Ballater

It’ll be interesting as I walk down the Dee with fishing gear strapped to the pack, to see if anyone stops me to question any of it!

I’m working on the assumption that unless I’m fishing at my stopping location for the day, I’ll probably only be fishing for about an hour.

Thanks for the advice… might pack a spool with intermediate line for the hill lochs, and use floating for the rivers and fisheries

Should be good, though!

Re: Combining fishing with the TGO

Hi Billy! 👋🤣